Emma Sterner-Radley is a full-time author of best-selling LGBTQIA fantasy books. She is Swedish but currently lives in Great Britain with her wife and two rescue cats.

Introducing... Whispering Wildwood

Korinne Woodsorrow is trapped. Not only at her parents lumbermill but also in a village where she’s shunned. Worse than that, she’s stuck sacrificing the life she wants for the person she loves.

Next to the lumbermill looms the deadly Whispering Wildwood, with its magical creatures and mystical plants. The wildwood is not to be spoken of and not to be entered.

Yet, when disaster strikes, Korinne has to take her brother–who is all muscles and heart but not much brain–with her into the wildwood on a death-defying quest. Guided by a dashing rogue of a pirate and hunted by mysterious monsters, this quest soon goes deeper into a world of fairytales, danger, and wonder.

Korinne quickly has to figure out who and what to trust. As well as her new future, her sexuality, and of course – what happens if a quest changes into something completely different while you’re on it?

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