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Hello, it is I!

You may have forgotten me as my last blog post was October… 2017. And my last novel was released in June 2018. But now I’m back, and have I got neeeeews for you! I have not one but two new releases to tell you all about.

Firstly, coming soon, Greengage Holiday Cheer. As you may have guessed from the title, this novella follows on from Greengage Plots and is set around the holiday season. Some of you may have read it before when it was included in the Winter Hearts box set, but it has now been re-edited to bridge the two novels in the Greengage universe.

Here is an exclusive look at the covers and the blurbs for these two releases, which will be out this summer!

Greengage Holiday Cheer

Librarian and solver of mysteries, Kit Sorel, has a lot on her plate this December. The eccentric but cosy island of Greengage can do that to a person.

All Kit wants is to settle into her first holiday season on this quaint British isle, torn away from her past home, family and old friends as she is.

Instead she has to contend with Laura—her girlfriend who happens to be an island celebrity and current owner of Howard Hall—never having time for her. To complicate Kit’s life further, she gets asked to find the missing and naughty “Pinky” for the owner of a local pub.

All this while trying to figure out what her Christmas plans will be.

Thank goodness Kit has the comical and quirky characters of Greengage to assist. Ethel Rosenthal gives advice, and Rajesh Singh shows her that skipping celebrating altogether is an option. But are these well-meaning people helping or hindering? Can Kit get over her holiday blues? Will Laura find time for them to be together? Oh, and where on earth is Pinky?!

This heart-warming rom-com novella will answer these questions and give you some comforting holiday cheer, no matter what time of year you read it.

Greengage Shelf


All is not well on the cosy, quirky island of Greengage, nestled off the coast of Britain.

The mysterious rummaging and stealing from an old lady’s bookshelf exposes family and neighbours acting shady and keeping secrets. Then there’s a cryptic lovers’ quarrel between two pub owners and an eccentric uncle interfering in affairs of the heart.

No wonder Kit Sorel—librarian and now reluctant private detective—is busy.

To make things worse, she’s worried about her relationship with the hardworking businesswoman and lady of the manor, Laura Howard.

Add a stuffed badger, dog walking bets, a Barbie balloon and a conundrum regarding the name Susan and you’ll be left with questions like:
Can Kit handle these complicated situations?
Will the quirky, comical Greengagers get in her way as usual?
More importantly, will this all be sorted out before this year’s kitten race?

And in other Greengage news… I’m very happy to announce that my very first audiobook, Greengage Plots, will also be coming this summer! Stay tuned to my blog, social media, YouTube channel, and sign up to my email newsletter if you haven’t already!

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