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I Heart Lesfic Guest Post: Online relationships and dating

Love at first sight. That is what everyone wants, right? But how does that work online? On a dating site you can see someone’s picture, sure, but what if you meet your partner somewhere online where there is no picture? Well, I can tell you what that’s like because that’s what I did eight years ago with my wife. And in previous long term relationships, too. When you meet someone online on a forum or in a chat for a shared interest, it’s possible that you won’t have a clue what they look like. Can you still fall in love? Yes. You fall in love with their way of interacting with people, their way of speaking, with their interests, with their personality. Okay, maybe not everyone can fall in love that way. I have met people who say they can’t fall for someone unless they fall for their looks too. Others have said that they can’t fall for someone online because they need that face-to-face chemistry. Which is why most people on dating sites seem to find someone with appropriate interests and a nice picture and then meet up with them to check them out. They don’t actually fall in love online, they simply find a match online. The difference in my situation was that I fell in love and started a relationship before I had even been in the same country as the person in question. How does that work?

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