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I Heart Lesfic Guest Post: Is romance what lesfic is all about?

Hello there, reader. What’s that you’ve got there? Ah, a lesfic book. Great! Thank you for supporting our community. May I ask if it by any chance is in the romance category? If so, good choice. You are guaranteed a lovely, warm, life-affirming reading experience. A chance to relax from all the stress, sadness and grim reality of everyday life. In short, you’ve bought yourself a dose of reality escape laced with the heart-tingle of romance. Perfect! But… when you bought it, did you ever consider buying a book that wasn’t romance? What we call a “genre book” meaning crime, sci-fi, fantasy, historical, horror, etc. No? Then you’re not alone. We lesfic readers love our romance, which isn’t a surprise as many of us identify as women and historically that is the market that buy romance novels.

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